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Perhaps a diet is the best option.

Back Away From the Drive-Thru, Damn It!!!

Posted by itiwtt on August 22, 2007

Nip this problem in the bud       

 Okay, I am reaching my boiling point with you chunkies in my damn way. Back away from the drive thru and find a spot and walk! As a matter of fact, why the hell are you at the local burger joint anyway? Didn’t I see you this morning at the hole in the wall donut place over there on Central? You know the one next to the transvestite pay-as-you-go motel. Yea that donut place. I was trying to find an extra calorie or two in a donut ‘cuz my skinny ass was starving. SHIT! You reaching out your blue minivan (conversation for a later date) with extra-extra underarm insulation and that extra cuff of fat behind the elbow. UGGHHHH!

I have to admit I did get pretty upset when I saw you twice in one day. I mean damn can I get bite! McDonalds never runs out of fries, but Churches sure do run outta chicken. “We aint cookin’ no mo’ chicken.” Why? Probably because you ordered a 17-piece and a biscuit.

I mean for real what should I do, offer my assistance? I do know the gym like the back of my hand. Should I hand them a business card? What do I say, “You look like you could use my services”, and then end with a smile? Uhhh!!! I need some direction on this one ladies.

 Let’s hear it for my band, Sexual Chocolate.



I really don’t associate with any fat people (other than a family member or two), so they gets no love from me. Oh yeah, I do talk to my co-worker buddy on the 4th floor-she’s fat. She just got married, so obviously somebody doesn’t mind her fatness. Pretty sure she was fat when she met her husband, and now he’s probably gotten used to the fact that she’ll be fat for the entire marriage. He might be fat too! I should go to her desk and look at her pictures for verification. “Hey girl! You know I never did get a chance to see your wedding pictures.” I’ll put that on my “to-do” list.

Honestly, you’re over-reacting—as usual. Have you ever thought about not going to places where you’re guaranteed to see fat folks? Chicken shacks and donut shops are always on fat people’s agenda. You’re the one that’s in their way.


I’m going to have to agree with Ty on this one.  I actually think that YOU are in the fatties way.  I’m pretty sure one of them is writing a blog about you right now “Why is her skinny a$$ always in my way”.  They probably want to invite you to the buffet so you can get some meat on your bones. LOL!  If you don’t want to see the fatties, don’t go to their hang-outs.  It’s like going to Luby’s and not wanting to see old people, or going to South Dallas and not wanting to see a gold tooth.

~ MissTrina


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