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I Love Me Some…

Posted by itiwtt on September 28, 2007

You may know him for his flowing locks, his spandex outfits, his irreputable high energy and dancing while playing his bass guitar. You may have even imitated him a time or two, or you may just know him as the guitar player on the side of the stage for legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire.  Intelligent, articulate, charismatic, and outrageously stylish with a flair for the extraordinary is why I Love Me Some…

Verdine White, aka the bassist for Earth, Wind, & Fire

Verdine White Fringe

The next time you’re in a group setting watching an Earth, Wind & Fire performance or just one of those old school CD commercials with the throwback videos, you will be the Verdine expert.  You will be the envy of all of your friends, and they will be impressed that you even know his name–and Verdine is an excellent name. 

  • Born and raised in Chicago, Verdine’s father (Dr. Verdine Sr.) wanted him to follow in his footsteps and enter the field of medicine.
  • He started his formal training in his preteens studying the upright bass.  He says, “The instrument was standing alone in the corner of the orchestra class…tall, mysterious and majestic, so different from all the others, it called me and the love affair began.”
  • White was classically trained by Radi Velah with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for several years and studied bass guitar with the late Louis Satterfield (trombonist of the former Phoenix).
  • Younger brother of EWF founder Maurice White
  • In the 1970s, he was levitated in a horizontal position as part of the elaborate stage performances.
  • On stage, Verdine’s constant motion, enthusiasm and energy (to the point of disbelief) have deemed him the “ultimate fire” of the band.  His musicianship keeps the elements in perfect alignment.
  • Graced the covers of Monitor and Bass Player Magazines
  • Married for over 25 years, one son
  • Hobbies include fashion, reading, hiking and sharing long walks with his wife and the family dogs.
  • Can rattle off the name of every Earth Wind & Fire song, the year it came out and even how it charted in a matter of seconds
  • Plucks with his index and middle fingers alternating, digging in with a heavy touch. He also uses a lot of index pops, or hard plucks, but he rarely uses any thumb slaps.
  • First commandment: Hold the groove; you have to hold it down
  • The dancing comes from studying with the legendary African-American choreographer George Faison

 Quotes from adoring fans:

“Maann, if i came back as his hair I wouldn’t even be mad.  He keeps it tight and right, despite…his forehead getting in the way” – Tam 

“The first person I could not avoid from the beginning to the end of the DVD was Verdine White. I stared at disbelief at this absolutely crazed dancer and bass guitarist. His attitude from the get-go was ‘We are the Greatest, You are the Greatest, let’s Dance Together and be the Greatest Together!’ He hypnotized me. ” – customer review of EWF Live in Chicago DVD on 

“I only wish that one day my husband would be able to run his fingers through soft, luscious and beautiful hair, such as the mane of Verdine White. Also, please notice that Verdine and Tyra Banks have the same forehead.”     -Aenequa Kian

We present to thee, Verdine White. Enjoy!

Verdine White

Verdine White showing the fans how to “hold the groove.”Verdine, his lovely wife and dogs

Verdine before the illustrious perm/press.


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