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Enough With the Text Messages!

Posted by itiwtt on September 25, 2007


I have been thoroughly pissed all week because my cell phone bill for the past 4-5 months has been out of control.  I can’t help but think of all the useful things I could have done with that money……supplement my savings account, pay a little extra on my credit cards, buy a comforter set for the guest bedroom, put a down payment on my Lexus.  How am I supposed to advise anybody on their finances and retirement (my actual job) and I can’t even keep my damn cell phone bill under control??  I haven’t complained about it in the past because I figured it was mainly my fault.  So this month I began monitoring my phone usage which has resulted in a lot of mean replies via text.  I can control how much I talk on the phone and how many texts I send out, but it pisses me off that I get charged every time you send me a text!  Incoming texts should be free!   Some people are just inconsiderate with their texting rituals.  This mess got on my nerves when I did have unlimited texts.  Therefore, I am going to summarize for you my rules of texting (Everyone may not have these rules, but I do, so if you text ME listen up!)

  • Everybody does not have UNLIMITED text messages like you do.  Some people just don’t see the sense in paying an extra $20 a month just so that they can receive your quirky forwards and “heys” via text.  And quit bragging about your plan because I’m not changing to your carrier “you need to get Cingular, it’s only $10”  Ask the recipients preference before you just decide for them.
  • Stop with the forwards!  Use discretion and only send to friends YOU KNOW will get a kick out of it or may need an inspirational word.  Only 2 out of 7 actually make me chuckle.  And most of the time they come when I’m waiting on a valid reply from someone.  Get all excited running to the phone just to see that God has something special for me if I send this to 10 ppl.
  • If you can’t summarize all of your thoughts and questions into a MAX of 3 texchanges you need to just call.  Especially if it’s the weekend, hell it’s FREE FOR ALL!  Texchange–  A sent message and the reply.  I don’t have the patience to send you my life story text style.  Remember everybody doesn’t have a Blackberry with a schnazzy keyboard so some of us have to press the keys and 3-666 (do)  444-8 (it)  manually!
  • Stop texting me OK, or worse “K”.  You just wasted a whole text message with one stinkin’ a$$ letter!  I will tell you if I need a read-receipt.
  • Remember who you are texting and what the conversation is about.  Nothing worse than somebody sending you a “yes” message and you didn’t even ask them anything.  Then you spend 3 more messages trying to figure what the hell they are talking about just to find out that they don’t know either! (you know who you are!)
  • How in the hell did I get on your party distribution list???  If anybody knows who  please let me know so that I can stab them.  I’m not going to Maxwell’s so stop telling about it!  These always happen to come on a night when I’m sitting alone and wishful thinking hopes that “I’ma buy you a drank” (my current text ring) is a date proposal.  No luck, just dlashae.

What have I been doing about these nuisances?  Sending the cussing texts that I referred to earlier.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means against texting.  I approve of texting  in inappropriate talking places (work, club, happy hour, church), mass text message reminders for stuff, and I don’t mind texting that special someone who will answer a text 5x faster than a phone call.  So don’t oust me from your text friends but don’t be the next recipient of the cussing text!

“I ain’t never heard of no woman, giving no man no loving, just cuz his hair look goowd!” – Clarence

P.S.(Last night after I wrote this blog I received 3 text messages between the hours of 3am – 6am (weeknight) from random people………including Jaye……and she didn’t receive the cussing text, but she was lucky enough to get the Happy Birthday, are you out of your GD mind texting me at 3am phone call!)


Miss Trina,

I hope you don’t go Naomi on us and do a phone-smack upside somebody’s head. I’d hate for the reason why we can’t go out on Friday night to be because you got community service on Saturday morning for the next 6 weeks. However, I feel your sentiments exactly. Nothing puts me in PMS mode more than lengthy and continuous text messages. Text me once–cool. Text me twice–only if you’re responding. Text me thrice–annoying. Why don’t you just call me?!?!?!? This type of behavior will place you on my list of annoying people who don’t have jack to do all day but text. And fellas, a word of advice–the ladies don’t like to hold conversations via text. A few sweet messages throughout the day are fine, otherwise keep it short. 


Jaye is not available because today is her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Jaye!!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to “Enough With the Text Messages!”

  1. Takiyah said

    Texting – I hate the hell out of texting, I only do it out of necessity, when I have to reach my baby daddy, Robert Earl because he is in meetings all day long. I agree with Trina, texting on a phone is so mundane, I have a blackberry, but I would prefer a phone call. Whatever happened to those days, CALL ME!!!! I got three phones, but no one wants to call. Down with texting!!! Its only fun when you don’t have jack else to do and you have the freaking time to do it. If you text me it better be important, because that is the only reason I am texting you. I can except phone calls at work, so pick up the phone, dial the digits, make it happen.

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