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How much you say?

Posted by itiwtt on August 31, 2007

Pleasantly Plump

So as I look at bodies on a daily basis, I can’t help but wonder how much people weigh. Chunks don’t surprise me when they come in needing help with weight loss. All of my clients in the last 6 months have been under a size eight. Where are the chunks, they have money too, RIGHT?

Two weeks ago I get a call on my business line from a new potential client. We went through all the proper trainer/client questions, except for weight. I never ask that question…most people just tell me. So we have our first one-on-one this morning at a local coffee shop. She walked in and introduced herself. Here’s the picture: 6’2 white female, blonde hair, brown eyes, no children, and of course driving a little bitty ass 325 BMW. So we sat down and started our evalution process. Yada, yada, yada and then the question came, “So how much would like to lose?” She replies, “150lbs.” My mouth dropped, and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I’m thinking, “Damn! How much you weigh?” So I asked her the question directly, “So…how much do you weigh now?” She replied, “402.” I responed by saying so unprofessionally, “How much you say?”

I have taken her on as a client. Oh by the way, did I mention that she is the president of a bank? So she got change. But what happened? Why? When did it get out of control? More than 60% of my clients are fairly in shape, but why don’t the chunks workout or get a trainer? They got money too! 

“That is beautiful! What is that, velvet?” ~ Saul



It’s great to hear that your client is large and in charge; however, I think you should give the overweight lovers a break for a while. Stop giving them such a hard time. Last week you were griping about them at the donut shop, now this week you’re kickin’ with them at the coffee shop. Give it a rest! Next week, it needs to be all about the love.  As a counterpart to Midget Appreciation Day, I say we initiate Pleasantly Plump Tuesday. We’ll all probably come back from the 3-day weekend a few pounds heavier, so I’m pretty sure a few words of encouragement won’t hurt.



I feel like the chunky ones need your services way more than those skinny b@#$% you’ve been training anyway.  I mean what do they need a trainer for??  To get that little pudge in between their toes or let me guess…..trying to get a J-Lo booty!!  Your work should be more meaningful.  What’s more meaningful than helping the large and in charge bust a gut (literally).



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