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Steak ‘N Shake and the Midget That Made It Happen

Posted by itiwtt on August 29, 2007


My co-workers and I recently came to the conclusion that Steak ‘N Shake’s food is scrumptious, but the service is horrible.  Even though we hear that Steak ‘N Shake’s service levels at all locations are bad, we blame it all on one floosy waitress – Fernando!!!  We always end up with Fernando who’s too busy perfecting his sache’ to give a crap that we only have an hour for lunch!  He takes his sweet little time taking orders, and after 30 mins he will bring out the water and starters.  When the food is ready he has to check each meal carefully before bringing it to the table.  Ummm…I think I will tell you if my order is wrong, just bring me my damn food Queenie.  Not to anyone’s surprise, he serves the table full of “mens” first.  He even went as far as to slip his number to one of my male co-workers (Not really, it was actually another co-worker who wrote it and thought it would be funny to act like Fernando sent it, but we all still got a kick out of it LOL). 

Quotes from Co-Workers:

“Fernando? Steak N Shake Boy?  Slow service and too much shake”- Shonte’

“He must be ballin’ out of control cuz he sure doesn’t care about receiving any tips!” – Kristen

“I told y’all that boy like boys!!!” – Alexa

“Why has Fernando been employee of the month for the last 6 months.. and why doesn’t he have a day off.. every time we go to Steak n’ Shake, Fernando’s there.. and what’s worse, we get seated at his table!  What the hell is going on with Steak n’ Shake where the slowest @$$hole in the building gets employee of the month??” – Renee

We had given up all hope on ever having a good experience at Steak ‘N Shake until………we decided to try the drive-thru.  The guy taking our orders thru the speaker seemed like he had a better sense of urgency than our friend Fernando.  When we got to the window we were surprised to see a little man on a step stool ready to take our money.  We couldn’t help but scream “THE MIDGET!” We saw him a week prior short stepping across the parking lot.  He got us our shakes and food within 5 minutes.  We even saw him walking with the stool in one hand and a shake in the other.  Now that’s what I call doing what you gotta do.  We were so pleased with his diligence that we wondered if we could give him a tip at the drive-thru.

“Now, Brad on the other hand…that little man in the drive-thru window has it going on!  Good things come in little packages” – Renee 

In conclusion, we should do our jobs with pride and diligence like the Steak ‘N Shake midget.  Remember, one person, even half a person can make a difference! (sorry for getting all after school special on y’all. LOL!)

“I don’t know whether to bow or shake your hand.  Hell I feel like break dancing” – Cleo McDowell




I’m proud of you for appreciating the midget. In honor of you and your co-workers acknowledging Brad’s devotion and passion for his job, I declare tomorrow as official Midget Appreciation Day. In honor of this day, I ask that everyone take their favorite midget out to lunch, or just send him/her a special thank you for all their hard-work. If you don’t know any midgets, just show your appreciation to the shortest person in your vicinity.



Hip, Hip, Hooray for Midget Appreciation Day!!!

Without midgets, The Wizard of Oz never would’ve been. Where did they get all those midgets? Were there midgets in The Wiz? I’ve never heard of a casting call for a bunch of midgets. What do they do, just put up a sign and say, “We need a bunch of midgets”? And you know that everybody thinks that Flavor of Love are making bank, but those people on Little People, Big World are making bank by being little. Flav’s ugliness can only take him so far.



One Response to “Steak ‘N Shake and the Midget That Made It Happen”

  1. Nick said

    Yeah without midgets who would come out in the lil red devil suit talking bout “Hey…..You on Hell Date.” and then start dancing from side to side. Without midgets who would we throw up in the air at parties just for fun. Without midgets, there would be no E-woks in Star Wars. (Sorry yall, I’m a Star Wars fan. My mama brought me up on that.) Well I don’t know any midgets personally, but when I see the shortest person in my vicinity I will tell them to jump and give me a high five. Running start first.

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