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HOT’s and NOT’s of Last Week

Posted by itiwtt on August 28, 2007


Making the Band 4


With time running out on the season finale, Diddy announced the band. “Ya’ll ready to make the band?” he asked. Of course!

The band is: Robert, Brian A., Willie, Qwanell, and last but not least, Mike! But-but-but wait there’s more. Diddy made a special announcement that Donnie would be a solo artist on Bad Boy. The new Bad Boy artists reacted with excitement and tears.

So what do you do after Making The Band? You make the album. Diddy announced that the next season will feature the group making an album.

MissTrina: I must say that I am pleased with Diddy’s decision, even though he took too long to make it and my DVR cut-off right before the announcement of the band!  I could have choke slammed MTV for that! Willie’s sexiness had to make the band hands down. I like the fact that Big Mike uses the “speak it into existence” method as far as how sexy he is. Hey, the ladies seem to be going wild so maybe it works. You know I’m rich and I don’t work (just trying it out LOL). Qwanell is hilarious! I especially enjoyed his Bobby Brownish hip thrusts during the finale even though he does seem to be a little “heeeyyyy”. Robert gets on my nerves and Brian A. tries too hard, but I still respect Diddy’s gangster. I’ll leave the reasons why I love Diddy for another blog.

Xtra Info: Why do I think Jeremy is my man?  He just seems like a regular dude who’s cute and just happens to sing. I mean I could see it…..LOL

Ty: Qwanell, aka Mr. Zesty, is my fave. As Trina mentioned previously, not only does he give it to you King of RnB style, but he also happens to be the most flamboyant member of the group. I love it, and I hope to see his zestiness continue. I also love the fact that Diddy continues to serve it up just like we want it.

The Perfect Boy Band:

  • Robert: The Not-so-cute-but-he-can-sing-his-butt-off member
  • Brian A.: The I-think-the-ladies-like-it-when-the-veins-pop-out-of-my-neck-like-KCi-from-Jodeci member.
  • Willie: There’s-always-a-sexy-one-in-the-group member.
  • Qwanell: The Cute-but-sexually-ambiguous member.
  • Mike: The Every-group-needs-a-big-boy member .

Jaye: This means nothing to me. Movin’ on.

Flavor of Love 3: Anotha Taste


Can’t get enough of Mr. Flava Flav? Don’t fret — the good people at VH1 are returning their hit show for a third season. A third season!

MissTrina: I was elated when I heard that Flav was going for round 3.  I won’t even watch other dating reality shows since Flav.  The Bachelor who???? 

Ty: I’m with Jimmy Kimmel~”Flavor Flav is the reason why George Bush doesn’t like black people.” He is also the reason why my Granny refuses to watch black people on any show other than the 10 o’clock news or The Young and the Restless. Now with Drucilla gone, I don’t know what Granny will do.

Jaye: Flav won’t be getting my ratings this year.



 Juanita Bynum Assaulted by Husband


ATLANTA —  Juanita Bynum, a televangelist who has won a national following with sermons about women’s empowerment, was badly bruised in a fight with her estranged husband as they met in an attempt to reconcile, police said.

MissTrina:  I also heard that he is trying to get his church to foot his legal bills.  The Nerve!!!  I hope he gets a little time sharing a jail cell with Big Lester and is forced to wear kool-aid lipstick and make toilet liquor.

Ty: Great! Now all the people who insist that the black church is corrupt have one more bad example to validate the fact that their lazy asses just don’t want to go to church. I can hear them now, “See, I told you. I knew something wasn’t right.” I truly hope Juanita can move on from this situation, but only after her and the Women’s Ministry go Apache style on his ass—bow and arrow in his heart.

Jaye: Y’all can’t be putting the “Hands of the Lord” on eachother. Stop it!

Beyonce’s World Tour of Mishaps


Perhaps Beyonce should just stand still in performance!

Less than a month after a spectacular on stage fall down a flight of stairs, Beyonce was singing in Toronto when the forces of nature aligned to blow up Beyonce’s dress — revealing her breasts to the crowd … and she wasn’t wearing a bra! Ring the alarm!

Beyonce, much like she did after taking a nosedive, never missed a beat and kept right on going — though she did hang on to her dress to ensure that it didn’t happen again. A few minutes too late!

MissTrina: Poor, Poor Beyonce!  Guess her and Tina need to rethink those costumes.  Got the girl tripping and flashing her chi- chis.  What’s next??  I would actually get a kick out of seeing that wig fly off or get stuck in something HEHE.

Ty: This is not the diva I’m used to. She might need to go have a chat with Diana and Patti.

Jaye: It’s just a tit!


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